During the mid-seventies, the Hamburg-based band Novalis established themselves as leaders in the field of German-language romantic rock. The lyrics used on the group's first album were written in English, but on the suggestion of new producer Achim Reichel, formerly of The Rattles, they began to sing in German in 1975. The group incorporated poems by their namesake, the Romantic-era writer Novalis, among others, into their work, along with their own lyrics.

With Fred Mühlböck's powerful and unmistakable voice, the group's greatest successes and even a degree of international recognition came with the albums Sommerabend, Brandung and Vielleicht Bist Du Ein Clown?

They created a rock music of poetic, lyrical with german lyrics and instrumental beauty. Their music, a heavy organ rock, was compared to the sounds of bands such as King Crimson and Pink Floyd.