Flaming Bess was formed in 1969, in Düsseldorf. There was the usual club gigs, and personnel changes, before finally recording an album. It just took them ten years. This was 1979's "Tanz Der Götter". A highly regarded album, and very much influenced by other symphonic prog-music of it's time. This is definitely one for fans of Camel and Piktors-period Anyone's Daughter and remains one of the better albums of the style.

The second release, 1980's "Verlorene Welt", had a more rock-oriented approach, and featured Marlene Krükel on vocals. This would be the last recording from the band for 15 years.

In 1995, they resurfaced with "Fata Morgana". Apparently, this was not just an attempt at recapturing past glory. They had kept up with changes in the music scene, and produced a progressive album to fit the times.

Seemingly a pattern now, the next album was not recorded for another ten years. "Finestere Sonne / Black Sun" was released in 2005. It is a double CD, with one in German and one in English.