Ego On The Rocks was a late 70's project of keyboard player Detlef Schmidtchen and drummer Jürgen Rosenthal, two Eloy members who had left the band after the release of "Silent Cries and Mighty Echoes" to explore a bit more Morlockian musical avenues.

They had originally planned their project as the first of a trilogy, but the album's poor commercial performance resulting a subsequent threat of financial ruin ended it prematurely.

Their sole album "Acid in Wounderland" sees the duo moving Eloy's space-rock sound into more accessible territory, incorporating Tangerine Dream-like sequencer pinging and sound collages snipped from old movies and a few philosophical (vocal) rants.

Schmidtchen, who gives plenty of screaming and some swooping synth solos, is highly competent on guitar as well as on keyboards.

Acid in Wounderland