This often overlooked Austrian band epitomizes the whole Austrian progressive movement. The prime mover is Hubert Bognermayr (keyboards and vocals) who later became known because of his pioneering with the Fairlight computer and his ‘electronic hunter’s lodge’ (blessed by international musicians and the famous Bob Moog). The other members were Hubert Schnauer (keyboards and flute), Harald Zuschader (keyboards, flute and guitar), Fritz Riedelberger (guitar, piano and vocals), Gerhard Englisch (bas and percussion) and Frank Hueber (drums and percussion).

They released the eponymous first album (’71), "One Niter" (’76), "Hats of Glass" (’77), "Missa Universalis" (’78), "Virgin Oiland" (’80) and "Hit or Miss" (’88). The music on these albums is 24-carat symphonic rock but hard to compare, maybe some hints from Rick Wakeman solo, Eloy, Pink Floyd and Camel can be traced.