Clearlight is a project of French song-writer and composer Cyrille Verdeaux, with a blend of classical romanticism and prog-rock experimentation. Clearlight, as a band entity, was established in 1974 to facilitate the recording of the seminal Symphony album. This original incarnation featured Tim Blake, Steve Hillage and Didier Mahlerbe of Gong, along with numerous other French musicians. The Gong tie-in led to them being signed by Virgin Records, as well as to a worldwide tour supporting that band.

1975 saw the follow-up release of Forever Blowing Bubbles, another beauty, though this time sans Gong membership, but with the addition of King Crimson's David Cross. After the release of that album, Verdeaux set to work on a soundtrack for the film "Visa de Censure #X", which came out later in 1975 under the band name Delired Chameleon Family. Essentially, this is another Clearlight release, featuring an overlap of musicians and falling nicely in the band's chronology.

Times are good for Clearlight and Verdeaux. At the end-70’s and in the mid-80’s Cyrille Verdeaux released a succession of similar albums.